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Thursday, October 28
m00npie is the WoSFest Champion!!! -> 11:36 AM Central Standard Time
After the dust cleared, one warrior still stood. That warrior was...m00npie! Commander m00npie defeated Ensign Renagade in the finals. Please congratulate him in the forum. Of his opponent, Renagade said:

"He (m00npie) is not only a kickass player, but a great friend. I feel good knowing that I came close to being champion of this clan, but that title now lies where it always should have been, with m00npie. Thanks for the credit."
Admiral Spider09

Tuesday, October 26
Award Artists Needed -> 7:45 AM Central Standard Time
As many of you are wondering, where are the awards and when are the coming? Answer: They will be arriving after the final battle of WoSFest. I expect many screenshots from the final battle between our last two competitors. If anyone of you are interested, I would like some artists willing to design some of these awards. If you are interested, click here and type your name, e mail, and and I will get back to you with a kind of award for you to design.

Admiral Spider09

Tuesday, October 26
Renagade defeats Scavenger! -> 7:35 AM Central Standard Time
Well, after a long and hard battle by both individuals, Scavenger382 was defeated by Renagade. Renagade will go on to face m00npie in the finals. Good luck to both finalists!

Admiral Spider09

Monday, October 18
The Tiberian Sun Expansion Pack -> 8:17 PM Central Standard Time
There has been a preview of the TS expansion pack,Firestorm. This expansion pack offers new units and other cool features to enhance your gameplay of Tiberian Sun. IGN has the preview. Thanks to Tiberian Tundra for the info.

Admiral Spider09 -- Source: Tiberian Tundra

Sunday, October 17
Respect for TS -> 6:50 PM Central Standard Time
I have heard numerous people, including friends of mine at school tell me that TS was not very good, and that it sucks. I disagree. I think that this game is a lot of fun, and the better you get at it and the more you play, the more fun it gets. SonicStorm, an updater said that TS was terrible and not worth anyone's time. An important rant posted on RSN was posted. Whether you are a TS fan or not, please read the following written by JHill of RSN.

Okay, Tiberian Sun isn't as great as we all expected it to be. It isn't going to revolutionize the genre but when you think about it, we always knew it wouldn't. Tiberian Sun has what we all want - gameplay and lots of it. If the bashers of Tiberian Sun just sat down and played the game, they'd realize there is plenty still to get excited about. If you want a revolution - play Homeworld. If you want a classic - pick up TS now.
Admiral Spider09

Sunday, October 17
Bhzone News -> 6:42 PM Central Standard Time
The Biohazard Zone is looking for news updators from Western Europe, USA, and Asia. You can get a POP3 e mail if you sign up. Please send an e mail to me if you are interested. We are also offering sub-hosting for webpages. If you have a good site with updated content you get unlimited webspace, news script, and e mail. You get a account. If interested, please include your name, where you are from and a prexisting URL.


Tuesday, October 12
Tournament Proposal -> 7:42 AM Central Standard Time
In regard to the WoS/BD Tourney, I have e mailed the leader of BD, Strife [BD] about the plans. I am waiting for his reply, but I think he will agree that this will be a lot of fun and I have e mailed him with the plans found in The War Room. Thanx.

Admiral Spider09

Monday, October 11
WoS VS BD Tournament? -> 5:27 PM Central Standard Time
Well, after WoSFest, what will be next for WoS? I propose a tournament with our allies, The Brothers Disgruntled. This tournament will be our members against their's, strictly for fun. If you are interested in this idea, please sign up now and you will be added. Please leave your thoughts on the forum.

Admiral Spider09

Tuesday, October 5
Tournament Finalists -> 10:07 PM Central Standard Time
Okay, the tournament page has been updated. The new brackets are up, and let's have a round of applause for Renagade, m00npie, and Scavenger382, the WoSFest finalists! Renagade will play Scavenger for the semi final round, so m00npie will get a bye. The winner of that match will play m00npie for the WoS championship. Check out the tournament page for further updates.

Admiral Spider09

Friday, October 1
WoS Wins an Award -> 11:44 AM Central Standard Time
Well, WoS has won another award. We are the proud winners of the 1999-2000 Golden Web Award. Many thanks to The Golden Web Associates and their staff. Click here to see our new award.

Admiral Spider09

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