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1)You can only be in this clan and no other! (GDI OR Nod))

2) No one can replace me as Admiral of this clan regardless of wins or other reasons.

3) Please treat all members with respect.

4) No flaming, cussing, or any other hatred towards other clans unless provoked.

5) Treason and cheating will not be tolerated.

6) No member is to accept an allied request or member application without approval.

7) HAVE FUN! This is only a game, do not be sensitive and take matters too seriously.

Please whenever possible follow these rules.
-Admiral Spider09

Clan Meetings- Members will be informed by e mail when meetings will occur.
WoS uses Internet Relay Chat for meetings, our channel is #warriorsofsun on dalnet.
If you don't have an IRC client, click here.
Westwood Online- This is what we use to actually play Tiberian Sun.
For those of you familiar with and Heat, WOL is similar.
Some members may want to add [WoS] to their name somewhere do identify themselves as WoS members.
If you don't have WOL, click here.
Tiberian Sun is a registered trademark of Westwood Studios
Copyright 1999 The Warriors of Sun, All rights reserved